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Erskine Falls, Great Otway Day hike

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Erskine Falls offers a fantastic day trip but if you’re looking for a hike in the area then this little day hike might just be perfect for you, giving some amazing views of the expansive rain forest that is the Great Otway National Park and offering you your own piece of secluded rain forest along the great ocean road.

The Hike:

To start the hike you will need to make the drive to Erskine Falls Car park, along Erskine Falls Access Road. Being just over two hours away from Melbourne’s CBD, it is a very viable day trip for families and Friends to catch up and enjoy all the Great Ocean Road has to offer.

Once arriving at the carpark you will need to walk down the steps towards the falls, the walk down is only just over 100 metres so it won’t be long until you are met my the amazing and beautiful waterfall that make this area of the Great Otway National Park so special.

Once you have taken in the amazing views of Erskine Falls you can turn to the right of track down and across the river to join the Erskine Falls Walking Track, this is the track you will be following on the 7.5 km day hike. Shortly after setting off from the falls you will pass Straw Falls, these less impressive but still beautiful Waterfalls are more private and quite than the main falls and offer you your own little slice of rain forest inside this beautiful national park.

Carrying on further you will be forced to make some small river crossings, it's important to not attempt this hike during high water levels or any severe weather events. While walking make sure to look out as this part of the park is usually very wet all year round making it the perfect situation for you to slip or have a fall.

Continuing along the path will bring you deeper into the fantastic rain forest that sits on the great ocean road, as you continue to walk you will need to make several more river crossing to stay with the path.

Once you've made the final river crossing you will only need to walk the last few hundred metres more until you reach the end of one way hike at Lorne foreshore caravan park, if you wish to make the hike a return trip then you can turn around and walk back adding another 7.5 km’s to the hike, be aware that the hike is 3 hours each way so when on the return trip it is important to watch the time as you don't want to be hiking in the dark or want to be driving back too late.

So if you’re looking for a hike in a little different environment then this hike might just offer what you are after, expansive natural park lands, flowing creeks and waterfalls and the beauty of this historic national park make this hike a must do when you are in the area.


Helpful Details:

Where: Great Otway National Park

Kilometres: 7.5KM (one way) Packing: Day Hike Packing Guide

Travel Time: 2 Hour (from Melbourne CBD)

Start: Erskine Falls Car Park

Finish: Lorne foreshore caravan park

Duration: 2 ½ - 3 Hours

Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

Written by Josh Welch



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