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Day Hike Packing Guide

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

The keys to packing for a day hike are simple, pack light and keep it simple. Get this right and it will make your next day hike a lot simpler and easier, so how do you apply these lessons to your packing for a day hike and what are the key things to remember.

Let’s talk about those keys, pack light and keep it simple, when packing it is very important to keep it light because the lighter it is the easier it will be to hike, unlike long overnight hikes you don't need to bring tons of stuff to make sure your hike is successful you just need to keep it light and simple. Keeping it simple interlocks with the previous point as overnight hike require tons of gear and are far more complex than a simple day hike, day hikes should be as simple as possible carrying only what you absolutely need instead of big heavy packs.

So what should my pack include? It should include…

+ A simple day pack or backpack

+ Two filled water bottles or a water bladder

+ Lunch if it is required where you are hiking

+ Snacks if you require them

+ Small optional first aid kit

+ Any Navigational equipment like maps and compass

The list above is intentionally short as when day hiking there is no reason to over-complicate the packing process with items that simply are not needed for a day hike like Dilly bags (bags for eating utensils) or any sleeping equipment.

If you would like to download a full packing list then feel free to download it on our website here in our checklists area. If you are looking for some good lunch ideas then you can also visit our recipes area that will help you find a great meal for you to eat out on the trail.

Hopefully now you will feel more confident in packing for day hikes and understand the basics for simple hikes like these ones, they don't need to be complex but instead should be as simple as possible to make sure you and the people with you have a better time hiking.

Written by Joshua Welch



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