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Hiking Packing Lists & Menu Planners



Overnight Hike

Planning for an overnight hike can be a grand experience but also quite complex with so many small things to plan for. This packing checklist is a great starting point but should be adjusted depending on the length of your trip.


Day Hike

Day trips are perfect if you don't have the time or the experience to undertake an overnight trip. These hikes still involve planning to make sure you stay safe which includes packing the right gear and that’s why we made this list to help you get started.


First-Aid Kit

Carrying a first-aid kit is a must for any hike. This guide is designed for an overnight hike but should be taken as only that... a guide! Make sure you look at the area you are hiking in before you set off in case you need something specific.


Survival Kit

When things go wrong, having a survival kit can be essential to stay safe out in the bush. Packing some simple tools can significantly increase your chance of survival when lost or injured but only when you pack the right items.


Updated Hiking Checklist.jpg

Planning Guide

Even if you are only setting off for a short day hike, planning is essential to make your hike is both successful and safe. To help you make the many decisions you must make before setting off we created this simple planner.


Meal Planner

Proper planning for an overnight hike is essential. One important component of this is planning your menu. This helpful planner tool will help you plan each meal, its calories and its weight. Each day of hiking should equal a little over 500g.


Leave No Trace

Leave no trace’ hiking is a philosophy most hikers live by, started in the late 1960’s the movement has led to these seven major principles which govern how most hikers and outdoor enthusiasts treat and care for our natural spaces.


10 Essentials

The 10 essentials have long been regarded as an essential part of preparation for hikes. They were quickly adopted by the hiking and mountaineering communities as a trusted list and have evolved into the ten items you see today.

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