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Content Disclaimer

A Hiker's Friend - Content Disclaimer

Josh Welch (A Hiker's Friend, is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any of the content on this site, all opinions shared on this site are made through personal observations and experiences with the addition of external research conducted by writer of any content.


All content on this site ( is written with the best intention and is at time of writing believed to be accurate, readers should be aware that information changes so it's important to do your own research before undertaking any activity that uses the information provided on this site.


Josh Welch denounces any and all responsibilities for losses, costs or any other negative impact including injury you may experience as a result of the accuracy of the information provided on this site (


Before undertaking any activity with the information provided on this site ( you should first undertake your own research to verify the accuracy and validity of the information on this website.


All maps on this site are provided by either Google maps, Alpaca Maps or Open Street Maps unless otherwise stated and all data and content displayed on these maps is subject to their (Google Maps, Alpaca Maps or Open Street Maps) privacy and usage policies. A Hiker's Friend (Josh Welch) is not responsible for the accuracy of this data or content under any circumstances.

Photos provided in the Hikes area of our website are not the property of Josh Welch or, the copyright holder is stated below the image and A Hiker's Friend will remove these images upon the copyright holders request. When reusing these images please accredit these to the copyright holder and not or Josh Welch.

A Hiker's Friend also recognises as the original owners of the Australian State Icons present on our home page. This is seen as attribution to the copyright holder.


All ratings of difficulty displayed on this site are subject to personal opinion and should not be relied upon to gauge the difficulty of a hike or activity. Josh Welch is not responsible for any injury or harm that may come to you from the undertaking of an activity with the information provided on this site and for that reason you should understand your own abilities before setting off on any activity of any nature that this site provides information for.

All reviews undertaken on this website are undertaken in an unbiased manor and are based solely in the quality, usefulness and ability of the product. Any product that has been sent to us for free by a company or individual will be stated at the bottom of the review and will have no effect on the outcome of any review.

A Hiker's Friend+ (AHF+) is a added service provided by A Hiker's Friend for a small fee. Though A Hiker's Friend will try its hardest to deliver this service to users who have purchased a AHF+ membership, we do not take responsibility for the failing of this service’s delivery due to reasons beyond the website itself.

AHF+ may be shut down at any time but we will make sure to notify users about any major changes and updates to the program as necessary.

The main features of A Hiker's Friend will always remain free but without financial support in some description it will be impossible for the website to continue at great cost to its owner.


Josh Welch, A Hiker's Friend Content Disclaimer

Last updated - May, 2024

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