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This hike through Warren Gorge is a stunning example of native Pinetree forest and towering rocky gorge cliffs. The trail is moderately challenging and is perfect for walkers looking for a half day adventure which is truly a great experience. With lookouts, native wildlife and beautiful native landscapes this hike is certainly worth the trek.

Trail Overview/Notes *

Give a detailed account of the trail. Include directions and significant places along the hike. Try include place names where possible.

^Overnight Hike Example:

3 Days, 2 Nights - 57KM


Day One – Lake Becking Camping Area to Mount Crozier Camping Area (17KM)


Starting at the Lake Becking Camping Area this walk starts by following the Murray-Sunset Remote Track past lake Becking. Continue to follow this trail for about 5 kilometres until reaching an intersection, one direction (going right) will be the track you take on your return and the other track (going straight forward) is the track towards your first night campsite. Follow this track straight forward through this junction and continue walking until you reach Mount Crozier Camping Area. Booking is not required for this campsite but check with the local ranger first as water tanks placed at campsites may be empty.



Day Two – Mount Crozier Camping Area to Mount Jess Campground (18KM)


On day two of this walk you will walk from Mount Crozier Camping Area to Mount Jess Campground following the same Murray-Sunset Remote Track. Continue walking this track around the ‘p’ shaped loop, on your way to your second campsite you will intersect with two trails, the first being Mapoke Track and the second being Honeymoon Hut Track. Carry on walking the Murray-Sunset Remote Track avoiding these turn offs until you reach your campsite at Mount Jess Campground. This site also does not require booking but once again is best to check with the local ranger first to make sure the water tanks on site are filled.



Day Three – Mount Jess Campground to Lake Becking Camping Area (22KM)


On your third and final day of this walk you will start from Mount Jess Campground walking along the same Murray-Sunset Remote Track. At about the half-way point in this day of hiking (13KM mark) you will reach the intersection you were previously at on the first day. Take a left back down the same 5 Kilometre stretch you walked on the first day towards Lake Becking Camping Area to conclude your hike.


*Please note that access to water on this hike can be limited so it is best to contact the local park ranger before attempting. Also note that this walk should only be attempted by experienced bushwalkers who know the local weather conditions in advance. The walk is best done between May and September.

^Day Hike Example:

Starting from Henrietta Creek Camping Area the walk follows Nandroya Falls Walking Track uphill for a few hundred metres before reaching the junction where the walk’s loop starts. Take the path on the right as you gradually decline along the path, keep walking as you pass Silver Creek Falls until you reach the pinnacle of this hike at Nandroya Falls. Take some time to soak in the falls before continuing to follow the loop right the way around following parts of Douglas Creek before reaching the junction again and turning right back to the Camping area where you started the hike.