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Australia & New Zealand’s 5 Best Hiking Food Brands

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Organising a full menu for a hike can be a huge undertaking, especially for newer hikers who know very little about what works and what doesn't, so that's why Ready to eat, Dehydrated and freeze-dried hiking meals are so great because they take very little preparation and give you the needed nutrition and energy to hike. No matter if you're an old or new hiker, there is no denying that these are great alternatives to making your own meals, they are super delicious and can fit nicely into any hiking menu to give you a break from a typical hiking dinner for a night so here is our list of the five best brands out there for easy hiking meals.


How we are ranking them.

Before we start we think it is important to outline how we will be ranking each brand, we will be using five major criteria to rank each one which are as listed below.

Weight – How heavy is the base weight of the product and intern how suitable is it for hiking?

Price – how affordable is it for the average hiker and does it make buying this product appropriate for the average weekend hike?

Taste – How yummy, scrumptious and delicious was the meal and will you enjoy eating their meals while out on the trail?

Packaging – How easy was the packaging to use and did it feature initiative design such as resealable packets. This will also include packaging sustainability.

Range – How big is the brands range and do they stock all the breakfast, lunches, dinners, snacks and more you would need for a hiking trip.

Each criteria will be ranked out of 10 and produce a final score out of 50 which will be the deciding factor in their rank on the list. So with out any further introduction, lets begin.


5. On Track Meals

On Track Meals are an Australian made hiking meal manufacturer that has recently rebranded into their current name, all their meals come with a minimum of two years shelf life and need no refrigeration which makes them great for storing in the cupboard in case of a rainy day where you might need them. They have a range of flavoursome meals including many Vegetarian and Vegan meals making them perfect for people with dietary requirements.

Some of the meals they offer:

- Chickpea Curry

- Bean Bolognese

- Slow Cooked Steak

- The Big Breakfast

- Mild Chilli Con Carne

- Spicy Mexican Bean

- Chicken Curry

- Coconut Ginger Chicken

- Easy Trail Tea & Coffee

They have a reasonably wide range of Dinners but do fall a bit short if you are looking for some Lunch or Breakfasts and unlike some of their competitors their meals do not come with a resealable bag meaning any food left over cannot be put back into your bag for later. We got the chance to try the slow cooked Steak and the Big Breakfast and we can say that what they lost in range and packaging is definitely made up for in taste and convenience as they are great ready meals with fantastic flavours that are perfect for when you have just done a long days hiking. Because they are ‘readymade’ rather than freeze-dried, they require no preparation and makes it easy to get that yummy and filling food into your body after having enjoyed a day exploring your surrounds. We found these meals to be especially useful for places with little water access because they don’t require you to cart in tons of water just to make each individual meal which can be very hard to do while hiking during the dryer months and where rivers are far and few between.


Weight: 2/10

Price: 7/10

Taste: 8/10

Packaging: 8/10

Range: 7/10

Total: 32/50 - 5th Place

If you would like to give their meals a try then feel free to check them out below.


4. Back Country Cuisine

Made in New Zealand, Back Country Cuisine is one of the largest hiking food producers on the market. Being a freeze-dried meal manufacturer their meals, like many other brands, have long shelf lives which make them perfect for storing in the cupboard in preparation for a future hike or adventure. Being such a big brand, Back Country Cuisine has a wide range in meals that span over breakfasts, dinners, desserts, smoothies, soups and more including dietary specific meals for people who are vegetarian, vegan, halal and gluten free.

Some of the meals they offer:

- Wheatflakes and fruit salad

- Yogurt and Muesli

- Porridge Supreme

- Chicken Carbonara

- Roast Beef and Vegetables

- Mushroom Bolognaise

- Kung Pao Chicken

- Creamy Mushroom and Potato Soup

- Malaysian Chicken Soup

- Chocolate Brownie Pudding

- Mixed Berry Cheesecake

Due to their wide range, you can sometimes find it hard to choose one to eat which is a strange place to find yourself in, especially in the world of hiking and camp food so this is definitely one major benefit to getting a meal from them. Their meals, in addition to range, are also light weight and come with some of the most well designed packaging of any brand, all packets are not only resealable but can also be made into bowls that give you a better understand how much water to add alongside the instructions on the back. This ability for the packet to become a bowl is a very smart design and clearly has had a lot of thought put into its design making for a great experience as a consumer. When we tried their meals like the porridge supreme and the creamy mushroom and potato soup we definitely found the flavour to be pretty good, the making of the food was relatively easy but like all dehydrated and freeze-dried meals they require quite a bit of water to make so you will definitely want to know close by water sources before you set off. Overall their meals were high quality and tasty which is only helped by smart packaging and the wide range to choose from but did cost quite a bit and were a little heavy compared to some of their competitors.


Weight: 5/10

Price: 5/10

Taste: 8/10

Packaging: 10/10

Range: 10/10

Total: 38/50 - 4th Place

If you would like to give their meals a try then feel free to check them out below.


3. Campers Pantry

Bases in Tasmania, Campers Pantry is an Australian Owned and operated Freeze-dried hiking meal manufacturer who has been around since late 2016. Their meals have long shelf lives due to the freeze-drying process and are low in salt making them perfect for people of all ages and makes them taste that little bit better compared to some others that are higher in salt. Campers Pantry has a wide range of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and even dessert for those looking for a bit of an after dinner treat.

Some of the meals they offer:

- Oats with apple and Cinnamon

- Oats with Honey and Raisins

- Tuna Salsa

- Tuna Mornay

- Vegetarian Pasta

- Mango Curry Chicken

- Lamb Casserole

- Cinnamon Rice Pudding

- Creamed Rice Pudding with Apple

- Cheddar Cheese Bites

- Hummus, Beetroot and Spicy capsicum Dip

As you can see, there is quite the range in most areas of their hiking menu and in addition to this they also offer ‘Bundles’ for a multitude of trip lengths option to truly take all the hassle out of preparing your menu for your next hike, these bundles also come with vegetarian options for those with dietary needs. We had the chance to try a few of their dinners and snacks like the Tuna Mornay and some Dips and can for sure say that they live up to the hype of the appetising titles on the packet. Always remember that freeze-drying requires you to add a little hot water to your meal meaning a little preparation compared to ‘ready meals’ but does have the added benefit of getting a nice warm meal at the end of a long and hard days hiking.


Weight: 7/10

Price: 6/10

Taste: 9/10

Packaging: 7/10

Range: 10/10

Total: 39/50 - 3rd Place

If you would like to give their meals a try then feel free to check them out below.


2. Feed the Hike

Starting in Mid 2020, this very young dehydrated hiking food supplier has definitely got some talent behind it with a team of passionate hikers and even Michelle Ryan from Walkingtwobytwo. They have clearly made a huge effort to grow a wide ranging menu that caters to almost every type of hiker and gives you plenty of choice in what you want to eat for that nights yummy and filling meal. Based in Western Australia, this brand is not one to pass by, especially when looking for some great soups which is something Feed the Hike have got a great focus on.

Some of the meals they offer:

- Mushroom Risotto

- Tomato & Vegetable Pasta

- Summer Tomato Risotto

- Vegan Butter Chicken

- Chilli Beans

- Creamy Zucchini & Spinach Risotto

- Classic Potato & Leek Soup

- French Vegetable Soup

- Hearty Mushroom Soup

- Moroccan Pumpkin Soup

- Vegetable Curry Soup

- Rich Tomato Soup

So, as I said earlier, they have quite the range in hiking dinners and soups making them a great place to visit when looking for a quality, light and locally made hiking meal to add to your next adventures menu. When we had the chance to try some of their meals including the mushroom risotto, French vegetable soup and their potato & leek soup we quickly discovered the great flavours in these meals and could genuinely taste the quality in ingredients. There are some shortcomings of Feed the Hike but these are more based around what kind of meals you are looking to buy rather than the meals themselves because there is not really any Lunch or Breakfast options but these problems can be solved by looking to other retailers when trying to get these meals. Unlike most others, they do offer ‘adventure packs’ which include all the meals you need for your choice of 3 or 7 days of adventure out in the bush which makes it easy to buy all the food you need. In conclusion Feed the Hike is a fantastic up and coming hiking food provider who seems dedicated to giving you the right nutritional balance and you can even pick up their book about the principles of Mindfulness and Nutrition for hikers on their website alongside a few hiking meals.


Weight: 9/10

Price: 9/10

Taste: 10/10

Packaging: 8/10

Range: 5/10

Total: 41/50 - 2nd Place

If you would like to give their meals a try then feel free to check them out below.


1. Raw Tucker

Raw Tucker is an offshoot from the Australian hiking tour company that focuses on self-guided tours called Raw Travel. Raw Tucker have a wide range of freeze-dried hiking Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners which gives you a wide range and variety in meals to choose from for when you are exploring the trails of Australia and want your food to be simple to organise. All their meals serve one person and there are also are some Vegetarian options making them another great place to find easy hiking food if you have some dietary requirements.

Some of the meals they offer:

- Minestrone Soup

- Pasta Bolognese

- Nicoise Salad

- Caribbean Hotpot

- Israeli Hommus

- Laska

- Lentil Cottage Pie

- Mango Macadamia Oats

- Spicy Mexican Soup

- Tuna Sushi Bowl

- Zesty Chicken Wrap

- Vegetable Korma Curry

The list above is some of the meals that Raw Tucker offer and they range in price from $5.90 AUD for Breakfast to $17.50 AUD for some of the more expensive lunches and Dinners. When compared to other brands, Raw Tucker definitely has a much wider range of Breakfasts and Lunches and this is a huge upside of choosing them over some others that have fewer options. When we got the time to try some of their meals we definitely found the quality in food was fantastic and the flavour was absolutely delicious, some of our favourites were the Vegetable Korma Curry, Deconstructed Burrito and the swiss bircher muesli which for me made hiking dinners something to celebrate rather than groan about. Remember that these meals are freeze-dried which does mean a little preparation before you can eat but also means you won’t need to carry a heavy meal with you because most of their hiking meals are fantastically light.


Weight: 9/10

Price: 10/10

Taste: 8/10

Packaging: 6/10

Range: 9/10

Total: 42/50 - 1st Place

If you would like to give their meals a try then feel free to check them out below.


Honourable Mentions

Of course we couldn't include everyone on our list but there are some honarable mentions of brands that must be made.

Strive Foods - Fantastic quality and delicious hiking food that is lightweight and nutritious.

Radix Nutrition - Wide ranging hiking food with fantastic plant based options.

Absolute Wilderness - fantastic ultralight hiking meals made in New Zealand.


So those were our top five hiking meal brands, each brand has its own benefits and depending on where you are hiking you may want to choose a different brand for your needs. No matter what kind of hiker you are, food you eat or price range you are in, there is definitely a brand that will suit you and that's why I would definitely suggest giving a premade meal a try because it can really make your life a lot easier while out on the trail even if it is only for one meal.

Written by Josh Welch

*Disclaimer, Some of the brands featured within this article have sent their products to us for free, though these items were received for free we make sure to maintain an unbiased and quality based review that focuses on how the product preforms rather than the influence the brand might have.


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