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Rating the Radix Nutrition Range

When it comes to freeze-dried hiking food, for most it doesn't get much better than Radix but not all their meals are smash hits in flavor, nutrition and weight. That's why I've popped down to the shops and picked up 7 fan favorite meals to test out while out on some High Country adventures.

I'll be rating them all based on flavor as most of the meals have almost the same water requirements, weight and nutritional value. So without further ado, here is our list from worst to best!


7. Barbecue Beef

For something that is labeled as barbecue you would think that would be what it would taste like, right? Unfortunately it just didn't come through, not even a BBQ sauce taste. The meat was average but by no means bad, it just didn't feel like what you would expect from what was said on the packaging or the rest of the Radix range.

Ranking: 6/10


6. Apple & Cinnamon Breakfast

When I was going to try this meal I had my hopes up high but unfortunately I was let down. I'm someone who would typically love a good apple cinnamon combo but when I made my Radix meal it felt like something was missing and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. The flavor wasn't too strong but neither was it strong enough and the consistency of the chunks left something to be desired.

Ranking: 6.5/10


5. Mint & Rosemary

This meal was certainly an improvement on the previous two and had moments of really good flavor but once again I think that minty taste could be a little stronger in comparison with the rosemary. The large chunks of lamb which after the five recommended minutes of standing time were still rather dry and this didn't help this meals case in being anything above average.

Ranking: 7/10


4. Mexican Chilli

Now this meal did live up to its name and was really good but wasn't perfect, especially when eating it on its own. I've had this one previously and it made a great addition to a meal such as hiking tacos rather than when just eaten on its own. Unlike other meals, it didn't have any problems in the re-hydration phase which just made it that little bit better compared to its counterparts.

Rating: 7.5/10


3. Turkish Lamb