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Easy and delicious hiking tacos

After a full day of hiking, a filling, yummy and easy dinner is exactly what most hikers are after and this taco recipe I made on a recent hike of mine is just that. This simple recipe, which can easily be made vegetarian only requires a few ingredients and can be made in as little as 10 minutes, allowing you to get to bed quickly for another big day of hiking to come.

When we made our tacos we set up a small buffet with all the ingredients on the table allowing us to take one taco and come back for more as we ate. It's fair to say that we ended up eating quite a few of these tacos that night proving just how good of meal it ended up being.

This recipe will feed 5/4 hungry hikers.

To make this recipe you will need:

How to make these tacos:

  1. Get all the ingredients out of your bag and place 700ml (enough for 4 Radix meals) on the stove to boil.

  2. Start dicing both the cucumber and two tomatoes placing them in separate bowls, once the water has boiled, fill the bags with 175ml each and shake to hydrate the whole meal.

  3. Empty the salsa sachet into a small bowl or cup, after five minutes empty the contents of the radix meals into a large bowl or pot.

  4. Place all ingredients along in a buffet style serving station and place spoons in each bowl ready for serving.

  5. Take out your tacos and start making/eating them!

These delicious tacos made a really delicious and rather different meal out on the trail, while on our trip we had one vegetarian and the rest being meat eaters so we simply added one of the plant-based Mexican Chilli for our vegetarian and had 3 of the regular grass-fed beef. If you really want to take your taco game to the next level you can grate some hard hiking cheese such as a dry aged Gouda or an Edam and heat your tacos slightly on your gas stove for extra yummy warm taco taste.

When shopping at the supermarket for your softer items such as tomatoes and cucumbers it's worth trying to find ones that are hard and will last while sitting in your pack because after all the last thing anyone wants is a squashed tomato in their bag. The off the shelf taco kit can be removed from the box it comes and the flavouring packet which you would use at home can be removed, leaving the salsa sachet and tacos to go into your bag.

So next time you are out on the trail, why not give these tacos a go. The recipe is perfect for a range of different conditions and is great when hiking in a group of mates and looking for a good feed.

Written by Josh Welch


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