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5 essential items needed for every hike

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Some things you just can't hike without, whether it be the essentials of survival or your sleep some things you just can't hike without. These are our top five items that are must haves for hiking no matter where you are or what time of year you are going.

1. Sleeping Mat

The sleeping mat is always a must have item for hiking, setting off without it will mean you will not have that important gap between the floor and you. This will make your night's sleep a very uncomfortable one leading to a sore back for the next day of hiking which is something nobody wants especially while hiking, so this is a must have item in your pack.

2. Sleeping Bag

Just like your sleeping mat, your sleeping bag is just as important. Without it your nights will be freezing cold and every few hour you could wake up shivering. Alternatively, the warm and cosy sleeping bag should give you a good, long sleep, so make sure not to forget this crucial component of your next hike.

3. First Aid Kit

The humble first-aid kit can occasionally slip down your list of items to pack and sometimes be forgotten but it's important you pack it and make sure it's contents are up-to-date, ready for your adventure. Failing to do this could cost someone their life because medical help is often hours away in the bush so coming prepared is a must.

4. Maps

Who can hike without a map? The classic map is a feature of almost all hikes and is clearly a no-brainer to pack in your bag. If you forget to bring your map you risk losing your way and having no idea of how to get back on the trail when you go astray. Maps can be easily printed or bought from a hiking store so there is no excuse not to bring one, especially because they can save your life.

5. Water

Well I hate to state the obvious but sometimes people just don't bring enough! To make sure you always have enough you should bring more than two litres even if you don't think you will drink it all. Water is simply too important to leave behind and always hard to find once you start hiking so to make sure you bring a little more than you need each time you set off.

If you want more help packing and planning for your next hike why not check out the packing basics or the five keys to planning a hike.

Written by Josh Welch


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