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Overnight Hike Packing Guide

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Going on a hike? Then this might help you get started, below you can see an example of a packing list for an overnight hike, add your own items to the list and see it as a starting point not the final product, this article includes both personal equipment and group equipment as a general guide to help people sort out what to pack in preparation for an overnight hike.

Personal equipment you should bring:

  • Hiking Pack

  • Sleeping bag

  • Air Pillow (optional)

  • Sleeping Mat

  • Water bottle/bladder (full)

  • Rain coat

  • Head Torch

  • Hand torch (optional)

  • Spare pair of clothes

  • Hiking Socks

  • Hiking boots

  • Sunscreen

  • Insect repellent

  • Broad-brim hat

  • Dilly bag (bowl, fork, knife and spoon)

  • Hand sanitiser (if there is little water it might be important)

  • Toilet paper

  • Whistle

  • Tooth brush and Tooth Paste

  • Any Medication you need

Group equipment you might need:

  • Gas Burner/Trangia

  • Any Fuels that are needed

  • Matches

  • Tents and flies

  • Pegs

  • First Aid Kit

  • Food

  • Maps

  • Compass

If your adding your own items make sure to think about the environment your entering beforehand so you can adapt the list to best suit you when on your hike, also make sure you have paid for any campsites you might need to pay for before starting your hike as they can be booked out weeks in advance in some places.

Food for your hike:

Food is another key to packing for a hike, packing light, nutritious and delicious meals can help ensure the success of a hike. Our full article on planning the menu for an overnight hike covers everything you need to know about planning your food including some great suggestions on what to cook!

If you would like to download a full packing list and food planner that you print off at home then visit our checklist area of our website here.

If this has been helpful then make sure to check out more hiking Guides, stories and more below!

Written by Josh Welch


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