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Sea to Summit X-Set 3-Piece Review

We all try to save space and lower base weight while hiking and the three piece plate, bowl and cup set from Sea to Summit may seem like the perfect substitute from heavier alternatives. The folding, silicone design certainly looks cool but does it meet the expectations of hikers looking for revolutionary replacements to their current dinnerware sets.

So what do you get?

Well included in the Sea to Summit X-Set is the X-Plate, X-Bowl and X-Mug alongside the X-Pouch which keeps it all together and makes the storage easy. It comes in two different colours, the first being a blue plate, green bowl and orange cup with the second being an army or olive green on both the plate and bowl with a light grey for the cup.

The features it comes with

The X-Set has many different features which aren't obvious on face value. The first of these hidden features I believe is one of its best which is the chopping board base. Both the plate and bowl are made to be used as a chopping board which can definitely help in packing light and follows one of our packing light keys which is ‘multi-purpose is your friend’. This great feature helps keep weight and space down by making two items into one and I think most hikers will agree this is a win!

Another hidden feature is the loop on the top of the pouch which can allow hikers to attach it to the outside of their pack and save space on the inside. This has the added bonus of saving you time while making lunch on the trail because you don't need to pull your whole pack out just to find you plate.

These features of course come alongside the more obvious features which are the folding nature of all the items, the food safe silicone and the measuring sizes on the sides of both the bowl and the mug so they can double as your measuring cups for your hiking recipes.

Finally the weight of the set is 284g and is totally dishwasher safe making cleaning up when you get home from your adventures super easy. This is because the nylon base and silicone sides melting point is quite a bit above boiling water allowing for them to be safe to cook with and put in the dishwasher.

So what are my thoughts?

Well I've got to say that I'm impressed, they have managed to fit so many different features into such simple products. The multiple uses for all the products such as the measuring cup and the chopping board is a big selling point to me and is something I absolutely love.

I find myself not regretting a moment since getting one of these sets as the weight savings, space savings and added convenience are just brilliant. Leaving without the set now feels like a downgrade and to me this is a big sign that it is worth the purchase.

If I had to give a final verdict on the X-Set I would certainly say five stars, it is a great and well though through product which has everything a hiker could want from a dinnerware set. Without a doubt you should get one for yourself and start experiencing the fantastic features of this amazing product built specially for hikers.

For this review I use the Sea to Summit X-Set 3-Piece which costs $62.99 AUD. Some major retailers may have their own version of this product so make sure to do your research before purchase and try look for sales or discounts as it can save you a few dollars.

Written by Josh Welch



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