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Ultralight hiker – bringing the world of ultralight to Australia

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

The world of ultralight hiking has gone through a transformative change over the last few years but that change hasn't always been seen here in Australia. The ultralight gear which has become standard around the world is typically hard to find in Australia but Ultralight Hiker Australia is seeking to change that by offering this gear to an Australian market. Today I'm going to run through some of their most popular products and tell you if they are worth your time and money.

Who are Ultralight Hiker?

Before I jump into the reviews I thought that I would give a brief overview of who Ultralight Hiker are. Started in March 2019, Ultralight hiker was created to help fellow hikers here in Australia to get the ultralight gear you can find overseas but not here at home. Early on they identified this gap in the market here in Australia and built a brand trusted by hikers to provide the gear they were after.

As they became more established they started to produce their own gear including dry bags, pocket pouches and more. Now they are about to open their first store Black Rock, Melbourne which will take their passion for providing ultralight gear to a whole new level.

So that’s who Ultralight Hiker are but what do I think of some of their most popular products?


Ultralight Shoulder Pouch

This ultralight and convenient shoulder pouch has honestly been something I've wanted for a long time. My phone usually sits in my bag but this always made me frustrated when I wanted to get a good photo as we would need to stop, get out my phone, take the photo and then put it back.

This handy attachment to the shoulder strap of your bag solves this problem by creating an easy place to put your phone, snacks and other commonly used items. It is also really light… 28 grams light and that is one of its biggest selling points. The Siamese clip on the back of the pouch is super easy to attach to any bag, slipping under the tightening strap with the elastic band on the back then making sure it sits nicely on your bag.


  • Sits nicely against your bag

  • Ultralight weighing just 28g

  • Allows for easy access of items

  • Australian made from Dyneema


  • Quite expensive, costing $70 AUD

Our rating: 4.5/5

Our rating: 4.5/5


CNOC Vecto 2L Water Carrier

The CNOC 2L water carrier is one of the many different products that Ultralight Hiker import from overseas. This brand is an American company which provides quality ultralight gear and now you can get it in Australia too!

This bottle is a perfect alternative to a water bladder which I've personally fallen out of favour with due to the extensive cleaning involved after use due to the build-up of bacteria around the tube. Without the tube, this water carrier is really easy to clean and use allowing me to store water in my bag and transfer it to my bottle when I need it.

It’s also a really good way to carry extra water for when you reach a period along the trail which doesn’t have many opportunities to fill up. It can simply sit empty in your bag until you need it because it is so light and rolls up nice and small.


  • The flexible material allows it to fit into any space in my bag.

  • Opens at both ends allowing me to let out a lot or little water.

  • Lightweight and only weighs 76g.

  • Price on par with similar quality products at $35 AUD.


  • Cap doesn't feel as secure as I would like.

  • Maximum temperature rating is 49°C so you must let boiled water cool before you put it in.