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Sea to Summit, Aeros Hiking Pillow Review

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Is the Sea to Summit hiking pillow actually good or is it not worth the money?

Hiking Pillows can be a great alternative to the sack of uncomfortable clothes some use as an alternative to a pillow but what are your options for hiking pillows? Sea to Summit’s Aeros Hiking pillow is by far the most comfortable hiking pillow I have ever used, it's smart design includes small padding at the front that adds the little bit of comfort that has been missing in most other hiking pillows and makes this pillow a standout compared to its peers, the smart valve system that makes it easy to inflate and deflate which is a feature that is sometimes undercooked in its competitors.

Unlike other hiking and travel pillows I have had before this one is not only comfortable but truly helps me get a good night sleep while out on the trail unlike other brands alternatives, the Sea to Summit design not only stops the pillow from sliding out from under me like previous products but also supports my neck and shoulders, allowing me to wake up full of energy and feeling rejuvenated. After deflating the pillow using the easy to use valves, you can roll it up into the bag where you will find it seems to fit nicely every time. The bag’s design includes a small strap on the side to hook it onto your pack and the tighten strap allows you to make sure it doesn't fall out. Weighing just 79 grams means that you can carry this on your pack while adding minimal weight to your bag overall.

Finally, it's important to note that the pillow is part of the Sea to Summit Sleeping System, the pillow features the ‘Pillow Lock System’ which helps keep the pillow in place when sitting onto of a Sea to summit mat like the Ether Light Insulated Sleeping Mat.

If you are looking for something a little bigger than this then there is also a larger model that costs $69.99 instead of the regular models $59.99, this pillow has all the same basics and same features but just gives you a little bigger of a pillow for you to relax and spread out on. This model weighs a little more than the standard one, weighing 114 grams compared to the 79 grams of the regular model, you can see this larger model here.

For this review I used the Sea to Summit, Aeros Pillow – Premium Regular Pillow which costs $59.99 AUD, if you’re looking at buying this product first make sure that you will use it often so you’re not wasting your money. Also make sure to look at other websites and brands to find the cheapest and the best one for you so you are not left out of pocket, most major outdoors retailers will have their own range so it's important to see what they have got. A good place to start would be our review of Kathmandu Travel Pillow.

Written by Josh Welch



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