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Macpac Merino Wool Hiking Gloves Review

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Cold days out on the trail require some cold weather gear and what better to keep your hands warm than a pair of Merino Wool Gloves. There are tons of different brands with their own versions but how does retailer Macpac stack up to the competition when it comes to gloves.

So what are the benefits of Merino Wool?

Well we can’t really talk about these gloves before you talk about the benefits of Merino Wool. The benefits of Merino Wool include a range of properties that make them perfect for hikers like oder absorption which means you can wear them for longer without needing to clean them, Itch-less unlike other woollen gloves, shape keeping so they can be used over and over again and they are also fantastic insulators which can deal with moisture. All of this is on top of them being more eco-friendly than other wools as it is completely natural, biodegradable and renewable so you can buy them and be confident your impact on the environment is minimised.

So what do I think about Macpac’s Gloves?

Well I can say that these gloves have been among the best pair I have ever owned, though there may not be much to say about a pair of gloves this pair from Macpac are quality and durable; perfect for my time spent out on the trail and keeping warm at home. They come in two colours, black and a lovely Charcoal Melange which is my personal favourite but unfortunately wasn't available when I went to purchase a pair in store. If you see someone out on the trail wearing a pair of gloves similar to these Merino ones, you should be able to easily recognise them as ‘Macpac’ gloves by the little logo tag on the lip of the glove that sits around your wrist to keep it warm.

According to Macpac these gloves have been made with ‘super fine Merino wool’ which is ‘lighter than traditional wool’, This added bonus of being lighter than standard gloves makes them even more suited to hiking than they otherwise would be. The gloves stretch well and adjust to the shape of your hand almost perfectly allowing for good hand movement but unfortunately it can be hard to figure out which size is best for your hand as you can’t try them on in store. Luckily you can take them back and get an exchange but this is something to keep in mind when picking which size is best for you as this can often be a bit of a chore that you can avoid by getting it right the first time.

Something important to note before you go and buy a pair of gloves like these ones is that when you do wash them you must be careful in how you do it to make sure that you don't wreck the material and ruin your gloves. Cold, gentle washes using specialised wool cleaner can be required so make sure that you are able properly clean these gloves before you go out and buy them for yourself.

For this review I used the Merino Knit Gloves from Macpac which are pretty well priced for Merino wool products, coming in at $49.99 AUD. Most of the other competitors products come in around the same price and quality so make sure to look around before you buy to try find a good deal or possibly even a sale.

Written by Josh Welch



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