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Hiking Head Torch, Arlec LED Torch Review

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Head torches are a must have item for when you are out on the trail, whether you are hiking in the night or setting up camp and cooking dinner, a good head torch is something to always have handy but what are some of the options out there?

The Arlec 100 Lumen LED head torch is a cheap alternative to the average expensive hiking torch, this model has most of the features expected from a head torch but avoiding the cost, it includes a three mode light with high, low and strobe which will flash at the same intensity as the high mode. The torch has an adjustable head harness that can be tightened and includes the AAA batteries in the box, the light itself is also weather and impact resistant and has a runtime of 9 hours when left on the low mode. When the torch is fitted nicely on your head you can turn it off and on by using the button on top of the light, to switch through all the modes simply keep pressing the button until you land on the one you want, after you have settled on a mode you can angle the light to focus it on what you want to see using the hinge the light is attached to.

In my opinion the light works very well in most situations but does fall short in some places, firstly the lack of a red light can make the torch not very useful in some situations like when talking to other people and trying not to shine the bright light in their face. Another limitation is the weight, weighing around 110 grams means that it is quite heavy and not the most suitable for lightweight hiking. Most other big hiking retailers will offer a range of super lightweight options that might suit you a little better if you are trying to reduce weight as much as possible but for the price of just $5 AUD it is not very expensive compared to the big retailers alternatives. This product is best for first time hikers and people on a budget and if you are one of those people I would defiantly suggest it to you, if you're looking for a fully equipped lightweight hiking head torch then I would suggest that you take a look at your local hiking store instead of buying this torch.

For this review I used the Arlec 100 Lumen LED head torch which costs $4.95 AUD, if you’re looking at buying a head torch first make sure that you will actually need it so you’re not wasting your money. Also make sure to look at other websites and brands to find the cheapest and the best one for you so you are getting what you need, most major outdoors retailers will have their own version so it's important to see what they have got as there might be a torch that better fits your needs there.

Written by Josh Welch



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