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5 ways to stay active in lockdown

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Lockdowns can be called overnight and make staying active very hard, so here is five things you can do while in lockdown to help stay active and healthy.

1. Make the most of your time outside

During most lockdowns you will be given a small period of time outside for exercise so it's important not to let this go to waste, if you don't know how to make the most of it then some simple ideas like walking or running round the block can be great to get your body moving and will give you the opportunities to explore a new area close by your house. If you have the gear and the equipment you can go for a short bike ride round your area and explore some places you have never been to and maybe follow any of your local bike paths. It's also important to remember that this time doesn't need to be intense workouts but can be simply some time to chill and relax in nature or in the garden, giving you a break from the same four walls you experience while being locked down.

2. Explore fitness from inside your home

While we are locked in our homes, we often don't get the same opportunities to get outside as normal but there are many ways we can remain active while not leaving home. YouTube is a great place to find many different fitness workouts that you can follow along for and learn new exercise. It's also good to remember that there are many other alternatives to hard workouts that you can participate in like learning a dance routine or taking some yoga classes from the comfort of your living room, they videos are usually easy to follow and make for a great use of any pair time you might have at home. On top of workouts and dance routines, you can also take some time to do a little meditation to relieve some stress or to clam yourself during a time that can be quite stressful.

3. Get your hands dirty inside and out

Spending so much time at home gives us a chance to reflect on what improvements we can make, in our usual busy lives we don’t see the little things that have been decaying and are in need of a little love around the house. Giving the house a full clean or doing a few good hours of weeding in the garden can be a good alternative to the regular outlets for exercise while stuck at home, these forms of exercise can feel subconscious while you are doing them but they all still count as physical activity and help keep your home clean and your body active. Keeping your house in order can make a huge difference, especially when you are spending so much time in it so doing this should be something that you add to your weekly routine which is a great thing to have when trying to not lose your mind in the sometimes endless days of lockdown.

4. Take some time to walk your dog

I know not everyone has a dog but I think this one is a important part of this list because pets are too often overlooked for getting your daily exercise when stuck at home, taking the dog for a walk is a great way to motivate yourself to get out and walk every day and also helps your pet get the exercise they need too. Having a dog to walk also helps make a routine for lockdown as you have something that you must do every day that isn’t work or sitting on the couch, this routine helps you by giving you a sense of purpose that can sometimes be lost in lockdown. So why not use your time outside with your dog whether that be a walk around the block or a bit of play down at your local park.

5. Keeping yourself mentally active too

Staying active while in lockdown doesn't just mean staying physically active but mentally active too, being locked up inside can be draining and seeing bad news everyday can also cause stress and anxiety that is bad for our mental health. A great way of staying active is to catch up with friends through phone calls, online video chats or play some games together online, lockdown can also be a great time to talk to old friends that you have become distant from and have lost contact with. Other ways you can stay mentally active while in lockdown are keeping a routine and making plans, keeping a routine is good because it helps keep a sense of normality and can help keep you busy, making plans can fit really well with a routine and can fill in the blank spots of time that you have in your week. One fantastic way to make plans throughout the week is to have a to-do list that you can tick off as you complete things, this list can have anything on it like cleaning the house or gardening and can help you fill those days with more than just Netflix on the couch.

So now it's up to you, make sure to take some time throughout your days of lockdown to stay active but also take some time to relax from the stresses of working or schooling from home, doing all this will go a long way towards making lockdown a little less crap than we all know it to be!

Written by Josh Welch

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