Wilderness Costal Walk - Clinton Rocks to Mallacoota




70 KM


4 Days


Clinton Rocks Track, Tamboon VIC 3890, Australia

About this hike

If you are looking for a beautiful, untouched piece of Australian Coastal Bushland then this hike is Far-East Gippsland is perfect for you. This well-kept secret near Mallacoota in the Croajingolong National Park is nearly untouched by humans and is one of the most beautiful places on the Victorian Coastline. With challenging trails, river crossings, beach walks, fallen trees and overgrown tracks it can be quite the adventure but is best for more experienced hikers who have a good understand of the area and risks before they set off.

Wilderness Costal Walk - Clinton Rocks to Mallacoota

Image: Parks Victoria

Track Overview

4 Days, 3 Nights - 70KM

Day One – Clinton Rocks to Thurra River Campground (13KM)

Starting at Clinton rocks this day will mostly consist of a long beach walk with a small break in the middle as you follow West beach track. Past this track you will be met with another beach walk before reaching the campground, please note that Thurra River Campground must be booked with Parks Victoria before you can camp.

Day Two – Thurra River Campground to Wingan Inlet Campground (19KM)

This day will once again consist of mostly beach walks that you will need to follow for most of the day, carry on walking along the beaches past Petrel Point Campsite for about 3 kilometres until you reach a track that turns off the beach. From here walk along this track until it meets back up with another beach in Fly Cove, walk along this beach for about 1.5 kilometres until reaching Fly Cove walking track which will lead you to Wingan Inlet Campground, your campsite for the night.

Day Three – Wingan Inlet Campground to Shipwreck Creek Campground (25KM)

This day will be started with a river crossing and then you will be faced with another beach walk for around 3 kilometres. After reaching the end of the beach walk at Red River (witch you will need to cross) you will follow Red River Walking Track and carry on following it as it becomes Sandpatch Link. Once you reach the intersection with Rocky Ridge Track take a left towards the beach near Benedore River and take a walk along the beach for a few hundred metres. At Benedore River turn off onto the nearby track and follow it past Seal Creek Beach until reaching Shipwreck Creek Campground (your campsite).

Day Four – Shipwreck Creek Campground to Bastion Point Boat Ramp, Mallacoota (12KM)

On your fourth and final day you will follow Heathland Walking Track until reaching Pebbly Beach where the track becomes Pebbly Beach Track. When this track reaches Betka Road walk the first hundred metres of the road until reaching a small linking path that will lead you to the trail that runs parallel to the road. Follow this track past Quarry Beach all the way to the Bastion Point Boat Ramp which is the end of the hike.

*Please note that this hike should only be undertaken by experienced bushwalkers who have sought external advice on walking this track including topographic maps and weather reports. To make sure everyone stays safe and to know the trails and campsites that are open speak to Parks Victoria before you leave.

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