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Wet Tropics Great Walk – Henrietta Gate

Hike State
Hike Level


38.1 KM

Hike Duration

2 Days

Hike Style


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Hike Grade



Overnight Hike

Start Point

Lumholtz QLD 4849, Australia

Wet Tropics Great Walk – Henrietta Gate

Image: Robert Ashdown, Queensland Govenment

Why this Hike

This two day walk follows along one of the lower sections of the Wet Tropics Great Walk between Henrietta Gate and Stony Creek Campsite. The hike sets of from Henrietta Gate and reaches Stony Creek Campsite for an overnight stay before returning back along the track to Henrietta Gate again. The hike offers great views of the local park and is a great challenge for those hikers looking for a good weekend away.

Track Notes & Overview

2 Days, 1 Night - 38.1KM

Day One – Henrietta Gate to Stony Creek Campsite (19KM)

Starting from Henrietta Gate this hike follows the Henrietta Fire Trail which is quite easy to follow. A few kilometres after setting off you will reach a turn off to the Henrietta Gate Pick-up Point, stick left avoiding this turn off as you head towards your campsite for the night. Further down the track you will see another turn off, this time stick right avoiding the track and continuing towards the campsite. Quite a few kilometres further you will reach the campsite for the night at Stony Creek Campground.

Day Two – Stony Creek Campground to Henrietta Gate (19KM)

Returning back along the same track you took on the previous day, return to Henrietta Gate to complete your hike and head home.

*Please note that the track to reach Henrietta Gate (start of the hike) can only be accessed by 4WD/AWD vehicles due to the need to complete some basic creek crossings and traverse paddocks.

Packing for an Overnight Hike

Packing for an Overnight Hike

Packing is an important part of any overnight adventure, the long list of things needed can be hard to remember but this free packing list aims to make it easy and includes everything you need for when you're packing.

Food for an Overnight Hike

Creating a menu for a hike can seem challenging at first especially if it is an overnight hike. Your menu should be nutritious, delicious and lightweight which can limit some of the meals you can create.

Our recipe hub includes great suggestions for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and even dessert, covering all the ingredients you will need and how to make them.

Leave No Trace

A Hikers Friend fully endorses the 7 principles of ‘leave no trace’ hiking which aim to protect our natural spaces and encourages you to apply them on your next adventure.

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