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Stirling Range Ridge Walk

Hike State
Hike Level


24.5 KM

Hike Duration

2 Days

Hike Style

One Way

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Hike Grade



Overnight Hike

Start Point

Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range National Park WA 6338, Australia

Stirling Range Ridge Walk

Image: Ryan O'Driscoll

Why this Hike

This extremely tough hike described as one of Western Australia’s most difficult is an amazing and strenuous adventure. Along the two day walk you will summit multiple peaks and be required to navigate yourself as the trail at times disappears, though the hike may be hard it is also rewarding with grand and expansive views (sometimes above the clouds).

Track Notes & Overview

2 Days, 1 Night – 24.5KM

Day One – Bluff Knoll Carpark to Camping Caves (11.8KM)

Setting off from the carpark up the well paved but still extremely steep path you will start to walk through denser sections of steep bush which can be hard to traverse. Continue walking to Bluff Knoll (1094m) and past the East Peak (1009m), after this second peak the walk takes a bit of dip down to Eucalyptus Col (709m) and then back up along the ridge. Along the ridge you will meet Isongerup South (962m), Central (1008m) and Northern Peaks (974m), continuing past She-Oak Col you will reach the first of three arrow peaks which can be some of the hardest parts of the walk with at times non-existent tracks. Just before reaching Third Arrow you will find Camping Cave which is a great place to spend the night but you can also camp pretty much anywhere you can pitch a tent along the ridge.

Day Two – Camping Caves to Gnowellen Road (12.7KM)

Setting off from Camping caves you will quickly summit Third Arrow before following the ridge to reach Bakers Knob (932m), Pyungoorup Peak (1054m) and finally the beautiful Ellen Peak (1034m). This section of walk between First Arrow and Ellen Peak is poorly defined and has no facilities or trail markings so is only to be attempted by prepared and experienced bushwalkers. After Ellen Peak the walk will quickly descend right down to the junction with North Boundary Track, take a right and walk this 6 Kilometre stretch until reaching the Gnowellen Road exit, the end of this hike.

*Please note that this hike is an EXTREMELY difficult hike that is not to underestimated, there are no facilities, no trail markings and at times no trail at all. This walk should only be undertaken by truly experienced hikers who know bush navigation and have a very high level of fitness, for more info on the full track this website may be helpful.

Packing for an Overnight Hike

Packing for an Overnight Hike

Packing is an important part of any overnight adventure, the long list of things needed can be hard to remember but this free packing list aims to make it easy and includes everything you need for when you're packing.

Food for an Overnight Hike

Creating a menu for a hike can seem challenging at first especially if it is an overnight hike. Your menu should be nutritious, delicious and lightweight which can limit some of the meals you can create.

Our recipe hub includes great suggestions for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and even dessert, covering all the ingredients you will need and how to make them.

Leave No Trace

A Hikers Friend fully endorses the 7 principles of ‘leave no trace’ hiking which aim to protect our natural spaces and encourages you to apply them on your next adventure.

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