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Sheoak Falls walk to Castle Rock

Hike State
Hike Level


7 KM

Hike Duration

2 Hours

Hike Style


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Hike Grade



Day Hike

Start Point

Garvey Track, Lorne VIC 3232, Australia

Sheoak Falls walk to Castle Rock

Image: Lorne, Victoria

Why this Hike

This beautiful walk will show you the beautiful Sheoak Falls in the Central Otways and experience the fantastic lookout at Castle rock. During spring you will be able to experience the Swallows Nesting inside Swallow Cave and shorty after you can see the 15 metre water drop at the falls.

Track Notes & Overview

Starting at the Sheoak Picnic Area you will walk along Sheoak Creek Track towards Swallow Cave. Continue past the swallows nest to the 15m water drop and deep water pool of Sheoak Falls which can be a good spot for a photograph. To complete your hike, return up to the Castle Rock Track Junction and turn right, then continue to Castle Rock Lookout from which you can return to Sheoak Picnic Area along Sheoak and Garvey Tracks.

Packing for a Day Hike

Packing for a Day Hike

Even if it is just a small day hike, packing is still essential to make sure everyone stays safe and has fun while on your hike. This free packing list will make sure you have everything you need while taking the hassle out of packing.

Food for a Day Hike

Before setting off on a day hike one thing you must do is plan what food you are going to bring with you. Your snacks and lunches should be nutritious, delicious and lightweight but they don't need to be complex.

Our recipe hub includes a range of lunches and snacks perfect for a day hike ranging from easy to create in minutes to tasty creations like you would make at home.

Leave No Trace

A Hikers Friend fully endorses the 7 principles of ‘leave no trace’ hiking which aim to protect our natural spaces and encou