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Mount Amos Day Hike

Hike State
Hike Level


4 KM

Hike Duration

2-4 Hours

Hike Style


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Day Hike

Start Point

Mount Amos Track, Freycinet TAS 7215, Australia

Mount Amos Day Hike

Image: Bree Moloney

Why this Hike

This beautiful hike up Mount Amos which when summited looks out onto Wineglass bay is a truly amazing day hike. The hike up and down the mountain is extremely demanding and should be undertaken by fit and able hikers but the reward for taking on this hike is certainly worth it with grand views and beautiful surroundings.

Track Notes & Overview

Starting at the carpark situated at the end of Freycinet Drive this hike follows past the warning sign at the trailhead, warning of the dangers of this track and that a good physical fitness is required. Walking up a moderate incline the hike follows the very uneven track past pine trees you will soon encounter the large rocks this track is known for. Moving away from the rocks the track becomes much steeper and rock scrambling is involved as you scale the pink granite rocks. Orange markers guide the way of the safest route up the mountain and the best advice is to take it slow as it can be hard to climb. During summer the track can be quite busy but shortly after you have reached the end of this rock scaling part of the path you should reach the summit of the mountain, up on the summit it can be quite windy and gives great views of Wineglass Bay below. Before descending you can climb a few different boulders which sit atop the mountain. Descending down is the most difficult part of hiking this track and should be done slowly and carefully, it is difficult to get up so coming down with much more momentum is inevitably going to make it harder. Bum sliding is essential but don't forget to take in the views while you do. Keep following the path down, right back to the carpark to complete the hike.

*Please note there is a $12 per person or a $24 per vehicle which you will need to pay at the Visitors Centre along your way. This hike is VERY DEMANDING and should only we undertaken by experienced and physically fit hikers.

Packing for a Day Hike

Packing for a Day Hike

Even if it is just a small day hike, packing is still essential to make sure everyone stays safe and has fun while on your hike. This free packing list will make sure you have everything you need while taking the hassle out of packing.

Food for a Day Hike

Before setting off on a day hike one thing you must do is plan what food you are going to bring with you. Your snacks and lunches should be nutritious, delicious and lightweight but they don't need to be complex.

Our recipe hub includes a range of lunches and snacks perfect for a day hike ranging from easy to create in minutes to tasty creations like you would make at home.

Leave No Trace

A Hikers Friend fully endorses the 7 principles of ‘leave no trace’ hiking which aim to protect our natural spaces and encourages you to apply them on your next adventure.

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