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Major Mitchel Plateau Trail Grampians NP

Hike State
Hike Level


40 KM

Hike Duration

3 Days

Hike Style


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Hike Grade



Multi-Day Walk

Start Point

Grampians Rd, Pomonal VIC 3381, Australia

Major Mitchel Plateau Trail Grampians NP

Image: Josh Welch

Why this Hike

If you have been hiking for a while and looking for your next challenge, then the Grampians National Park could be it, with absolutely stunning views and beautiful winding trails it is the perfect place to take your hiking skills to the next level.

Track Notes & Overview

3 Days, 2 Nights - 40KM

Day One - Sheep Hills Carpark to First Wannon Hikers Camp (12KM)

On this day you will start at sheep hills carpark and hike up Mount William which is then followed by a walk along part of the plateau towards your campsite, first wannon hikers camp. Note that this campsite must be booked.

Day Two - First Wannon Hikers Camp to Jimmy Creek Campground (13KM)

After carrying along the plateau for several kilometres you will then make your decent down the mountain and camp at Jimmy Creek Campground. Note this campsite must be booked.

Day Three - Jimmy Creek Campground to Sheep Hills Carpark (15KM)

Following parallel to the road that runs through the park you will be met with a day of walking along dirt 4-Wheel Drive tracks and up some small hills until you reach the carpark where you started.

For a full trip report visit here.

Packing for a Multi-day Walk

Packing for a Multi-day Walk

Packing is an important part of any multi-day adventure, the long list of things needed can be hard to remember but this free packing list aims to make it easy and includes everything you need for when you're packing.

Food for a Multi-Day Walk

Creating a menu for a hike can seem challenging at first especially if it is an multi-day hike. Your menu should be nutritious, delicious and lightweight which can limit some of the meals you can create.

Our recipe hub includes great suggestions for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and even dessert, covering all the ingredients you will need and how to make them.