Cathedral Ranges Southern Circuit




10.5 KM


4-6 Hours


Little River Track, Taggerty VIC 3714, Australia

About this hike

This walk in the Cathedral Ranges is one of Victoria's more challenging while being one of it's most rewarding through grand views of the entire Cathedral Ranges at some of its peeks. This walk exclusively for experienced bushwalkers who aren’t afraid of doing some rock scrambling can be a huge test for hikers no matter their skill level and is a must do if you are in the area and up for the challenge.

Cathedral Ranges Southern Circuit

Image: Parks Victoria

Track Overview

Starting at Cooks Mill Campground near Little River, this hike follows Friends Nature Trail over some small foot bridges that cross the river until linking up with Tweed Spur Road. From here follow the road south until joining Messmate Track which is steep and challenging path across gullies and dense forest. After this track you will ascend to Sugarloaf Saddle Day Visitors Area where a carpark can be found and a choice of direction must be made. The Two trails are canyon track witch is a hard track that requires rock scrambling and will take you to Sugarloaf Peek and Wells Cave Track which is harder and should only be attempted by ‘Very’ experienced hikers and takes you through the lower section (see note). Beyond Sugarloaf Peek you will be required to rock hop and scramble over boulders as you walk towards Farmyard Campsite. From here you will be required to make a steep decent down to Jawbone Car park before a softer walk back to Cooks Mill Campground through a forested area where your walk will conclude.

*Please note that the Wells Cave Route is an accent only track and should not be attempted as a decent route, this part of the trail requires near vertical rock scrambling and should only be attempted by experienced hikers who have knowledge about how to stay safe while doing this very intensive activity. Avoid this hike after rain or bad weather.

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