Brisbane Ranges Circuit Walk




32 KM


2 Days


Butchers Rd, Anakie VIC 3213, Australia

About this hike

This hike in the Brisbane Ranges is the perfect weekend hiking escape for anyone looking to stay close to Melbourne. Only one hour from Melbourne’s CBD this hike is close to the city while being in a beautiful piece of Australian bushland. Though this hike may not be the easiest it is perfect for newer overnight hikers as it is only one night and can be completed on any average weekend.

Brisbane Ranges Circuit Walk

Image: L. Vivian

Track Overview

2 Days, 1 Night - 32KM

Day One – Butchers Road Carpark to Old Mill Campground (19KM)

Starting at the carpark on Butchers Road near the junction with Geelong-Ballan Road you will walk down Butchers road and continue walking along it as it becomes Sawpit Gully road. After a few hundred metres on this road, turn left onto Alliance track, follow until reaching Hay Track which you should turn onto and follow for a few hundred metres before taking a right. Carry on following this branch of Hay track as it becomes the Burchell Trail, once reaching the end of this track (remaining on the Burchell Trail) at Grahams Creek Picnic area you may like to stop for lunch, after this continue walking along Hazel Track and keep following this trail (crossing some roads) until you reach Old Mill Campground where you will stay the night.

Day Two – Old Mill Campground to Butchers Road Carpark (13KM)

From Old Mill Campground take Furze Track (On the Burchell Trail) and continue walking past Geebung Track (take a Left) until meeting up with Geelong-Ballan Road. Once reaching the road safely cross it and continue walking along the trail on the other side, following this track you will pass by the Lower Stony Creek Reservoir, a few hundred metres more down the track you will have the opportunity to stop for lunch at the Stony Creek Picnic Area. From the picnic area you will follow the Anakie Gorge Walk for several kilometres until reaching the intersection with Ted Errey Nature Circuit Track from which you will turn right and follow until reaching Switch road. At Switch road you will turn left and walk down it for a few hundred metres until reaching Redsteak Track. Turn right onto Redsteak Track and follow until reaching the Geelong-Ballan Road, from here turn right and walk along the road until reaching the intersection with butchers road where you will find the carpark from which you started.

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