Arthurs Seat Eagle Summit Walk




4.2 KM


1-2 Hours


795 Arthurs Seat Rd, Arthurs Seat VIC 3936, Australia

About this hike

If you are looking for a fun day out that includes a little bit of walking and a fun ride on a chairlift then this hike is for you. This hike can be done in two direction, you can either go down the hill on the chairlift and hike up the hill or hike down the hill and take the chairlift back up to the top. This means the hike can be better tailored to your abilities or the mood you are in.

Arthurs Seat Eagle Summit Walk

Image: Arthurs Seat Eagle

Track Overview

You will start you hike at the Arthurs Seat Eagle Chairlift Summit station and take it down to the bottom, from the base station walk towards the cemetery next door which you should find a path that takes you through the cemetery and links up with Bunurong Track. Once on this track you will follow it up Red Hill and carry on walking past the Latrobe Parade Carpark as the trail becomes the Two Bays Walking Track, follow this track for around 2.5 KM all the way to the top of the hill. Once nearing the top the trail will take a left and join up with Seawinds Entry Road. Walk to the end of this road and take another left onto Purves Road, after walking only a few hundred metres on this road you should reach the summit station of the Eagle Chairlift which will be the end of your hike.

If you would like to walk down the hill rather than climb it simply reverse the hike and take the chairlift back to the top of the hill. Note that the chairlift is not free and will need to be paid for, you can get tickets for the chairlift from their website here.

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