Arkaroo Rock Circuit




3.2 KM


1 Hour


Arkaroo Rock Trail, Upalinna SA 5434, Australia

About this hike

This hike in the Flinders Ranges offers some of the most accessible rock art in the area with stunning surroundings as your walk. The hike includes a short section of track which opens out onto a circuit. The hike includes several bridges, benches and of course the rock art of the Adnyamathanha People.

Arkaroo Rock Circuit

Image: Ben Dahmke

Track Overview

Starting from the Arkaroo Rock Carpark this short hike follows Arkaroo Rock Walking Track right the way to Arkaroo Rock. A few hundred metres after setting off you should find a short side trip (turning right at the intersection) to one of the lookouts before returning to the main track. Continuing to walk further you should reach the junction where the loop begins, turn left and follow the loop until reaching Arkaroo rock. Spend some time taking in the beautiful rock art which is an important cultural site for the Adnyamathanha people before continuing to walk around the loop. Once back at the junction you can retrace your steps back along the walking track to get back to the carpark and head home.

*Please note that a park pass is required to enter this park.

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