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5 reasons to start hiking

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

If you're looking at starting hiking then here is five reasons to compel you to give it a try and explore the wonderful world of hiking.

1. Opportunity to explore nature

Hiking offers a fantastic opportunity to explore nature and the great outdoors, hiking can bring you to some truly amazing places that can give you a greater connection to nature and improve mental health in the process. If you’re someone who likes camping or nature then hiking might just be the perfect next step for you to connect with the places you love and to discover new ones along with bringing you into the heart of nature.

2. Alternative to competitive sports

Staying active is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle but not everyone is suited to competitive sports or conventional activities but hiking offers another outlet for getting active other than sporting and can offer you some amazing memories along the way. Being a non-competitive, it allows you to explore and grow in a whole different environment and build skills that will not just be in sport but useful in everyday life.

3. Available to all skill levels

Some people who are new to hiking get the impression that hikes must be challenging but hiking can be at all levels and doesn't need to be hard, if you're new to hiking then why not start with a small day hike, over time you can build yourself up to take on more challenging hikes or just enjoy the hikes you are currently doing. This ability to choose your level makes hiking a very intuitive activity that can be a unique experience for each individual person while also making you part of a community.

4. Great way to connect with friends

Hiking with friends can be a profoundly unique experience as it offers great amounts of time to talk and bond with others to build better connections as friends, this time can bring people closer together and be a great place to reflect and express your feelings to others that you know well. Hiking with friends can also make hiking more of a team activity and having people to talk to can make your time far more enjoyable than if you were just hiking along.

5. Builds a healthy lifestyle

On top of all the previous points, hiking undoubtedly helps people lead a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically, hiking has been proven to lower stress and reduce anxiety causing overall better mental health. The physical benefits of hiking are also great, hiking lowers the risks of many major diseases like Brest cancer and type two Diabetes, Lowers blood pressure, Improves cardiovascular Health, Increases bone density and more.

So if you’re not a hiker yet then maybe it is time to start, these five points show what a great activity hiking is and the benefits it offers for giving it a try so why not come and join us today, you can find many places to get started right here.

Written by Josh Welch



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