Tabletop Track Circuit Walk




41.8 KM


3 Days


Florence Falls 2wd Campground, Litchfield Park NT 0822, Australia

About this hike

This epic hike around some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the Northern Territory is the perfect adventure. With open Woodlands, Creek-side walking tracks, rock formations and lush rainforest this hike has a bit of everything while still allowing for you to completely disconnect into nature.

Tabletop Track Circuit Walk

Image: Oliver Descoeudres

Track Overview

3 Days, 2 Nights – 41.8KM

Day One – Florence Falls to Wangi Falls (19.7KM)

Starting at Florence falls, follow the linking track which will take you to Tabletop Track where you will turn left towards Wangi Falls. The track closely follows Florence Creek which is lined with paperbark trees along its banks and you will follow this for quite a few kilometres. Continuing to walk you should reach your camp for the night at Wangi Falls Campground which is accessed by a linking track.

Day Two – Wangi Falls to Walker Creek (18.5KM)

From your overnight campsite at Wangi Falls Campground join back up with Tabletop track and turn left following the loop towards Walker Creek. The first part of this walk offers palm laden creeks before passing through Tjenya Falls and into the open woodlands of the area. After a few more kilometres of walking arrive in Walker Creek, the campsites can be accessed by linking tracks just off the trail and this can be a good place for a swim.

Day Three – Walker Creek to Florence Falls (12.3KM)

On the final day of this hike you will complete the loop by walking from your overnight stay at Walker Creek all the way to Florence Falls. Along this route strange and interesting rock formations can be found as large castle shaped boulders are littered along the way. Walking through this area of lush, vibrant rainforest you will get a great appreciation for the local area before finishing the hike in Florence Falls.

*Please note that the park is closed at some times of the year due to wet seasons and permits are required at times, topographic maps are also a must and for this reason a good level of navigation skills are required.

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